2019/2020 Afternoon English Classes


Our approach is based on the Oxford University Press Family and Friends British English course for primary school-aged children (canton Vaud: P1-P8). It includes textbook, workbook, CD, and interactive, online platform materials.

Our certified staff have chosen this language course for young learners because it offers a flexible and comprehensive work and play program. The curriculum includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, and an emphasis on phonics.

For more information, please visit Oxford University Press Family and Friends

For teenage students (canton Vaud: S9-S11), we offer the Oxford University Press insight course in English.

Reservation Form - Afternoon English Classes 2019/2020 Classes

Our afternoon English classes run from September 9, 2019, to June 19, 2020, and observe the Canton Vaud school holiday schedule. Classes are 50 minutes long, one afternoon per week, and have a maximum of 6 children per class. We ask that you carefully complete the reservation form and questionnaire so that we can find the best class for your child.


Schedule - Afternoon English Classes
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 13-13:50   Room 1   (To be determined)   (To be determined)   P3, L1, BI  (To be determined)  (To be determined) 
   Room 2  (To be determined)  (To be determined)  P6, L2.5, FR  (To be determined)  (To be determined)
 14-14:50  Room 1  (To be determined)  P2, Starter, BI  P5, L2, BI  (To be determined)  (To be determined)
   Room 2  (To be determined)  (To be determined)  P7, L5, BI  (To be determined)  (To be determined)
 15-15:50  Room 1  (To be determined)  P2, Starter, BI  P7/P8, L3, BI  (To be determined)  (To be determined)
   Room 2  (To be determined)  (To be determined)  P2/P3, Starter  (To be determined)  (To be determined)
 16-16:50  Room 1  P1/P2, Starter, FR  P3, L1, FR  P4/P5, L1.75, FR  P2/P3, L1  (To be determined)
   Room 2  P6, L2.25, FR  (To be determined)  P6, L2.5, FR  (To be determined)  (To be determined)
 17-17:50  Room 1  P3, L2, FR  P6/P8, L4, FR  P4, L1.5, BI  P6, L2, FR  (To be determined)
   Room 2  P4/P5, L2, FR  (To be determined)  P7, Insight Intermed., BI   (To be determined)   (To be determined)

Notes: Primary School class = P1, P2, etc.; Class Level = Starter, L1, L2, etc., or Insight Elem./Intermed.; Bilingual = BI, Francophone = FR


Tarifs and Conditions

The Chatterbox classes take place during the school year and include two semesters:

  • First semester - September 9, 2019, to January 31, 2020.
  • Second semester – February 1, 2020, to June 19, 2020.

To sign up for a class:

  1. Complete the online reservation form and questionnaire to request a place in one of the classes.
  2. After your child is confirmed for a class, the registration process is formalized by making a payment and returning a signed registration form to The Chatterbox.

Registrations made before June 30th guarantee a place in a class for your child but require a non-refundable deposit of CHF 100.00 which is deducted from the first semester fee. The remaining portion must be paid in full before August 31st.

Registrations made after June 30th require payment of the first semester’s fee in full by August 31st or prior to entry for students beginning after the first class in September.

Fees: CHF 500.00 per semester per child for 1 class per week (3 to 6 children per class).

Note there will be a surcharge of CHF 100.00 per semester if the class size drops to 2 children.

Please contact us for private and semi-private class fees.

Textbooks fees and other materials are included in the price of the class.