The Chatterbox offers weekly classes in English during the school terms as well as creative and cultural workshops in English during the summer months and autumn school holiday. We keep our class sizes small in order to optimize contact between teacher and child and maintain a personal and comfortable environment for your child.


1.Give bilingual children the opportunity to:

  • speak and listen to their language outside of the family
  • meet and play with other multilingual children
  • keep in contact with their other country's culture through games, reading of stories and fairy tales, etc.
  • enrich their vocabulary with fun and games

2. Permit francophone children to:

  • experience as early as possible a foreign language
  • enjoy other languages through fun and games
  • express themselves naturally in a foreign language

3. Permit parents of bilingual children to:

  • meet other parents that are in the same situation
  • exchange ideas and advice
  • use the library provided by The Chatterbox
  • keep contact with their mother tongue and culture


In our workshops, we encourage multilingualism in children by engaging them in activities such as arts, crafts, singing, and listening to music and stories - all of this with mother tongue teachers.